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TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 1

"O my God! I'm late." Aarti murmured to herself and rushed out of her office. Aarti was getting late to pick Ansh from his school and so she quickly mounted on her scooty to head towards Ansh's school. Aarti speeded up her scooty and in fuss, broke a traffic signal. Immediately, she was caught by the traffic police. She frustratingly rubbed her hand in her hair trying to convince the traffic police to leave her. But Aarti's poor fate today was absolutely ditching her. The traffic police seemed in no mood to leave her and was hell bent on taking her to the police station. Aarti stomped her foot on the road in irritation turning to her watch at every instant, "Sir, please try to understand. I have to go and pick my son. I know breaking the traffic signal is an offence but I was in a hurry. Please Sir, leave me once with a warning please." The traffic police nodded his head in denial and Aarti looked away irritated, "He won't catch the real criminals or either leave them, but look at him now, hell bent on getting me into jail. Uh!" The traffic police looked at Aarti with suspicion, "Did you just say something?" Aarti rolled her eyes in a dramatic manner, "Uhh, no."

Simultaneously, Yash was crossing the road to go the coffee shop when his eyes spotted Aarti arguing with the traffic police. He looked at her big eyes which had ample amount of emotions at this point of time. She seemed tensed, irritated and in a hurry. He smirked at his sudden attraction towards her. Her hair was tied shabbily in a bun and that made her look really sexy. He advanced towards her when he heard her trying to the traffic police to leave her.

Aarti looked here and there trying to find an opportunity to run away from this crazy police when suddenly she saw a tall and handsome man advancing towards her. His eyes bored into hers and she instantly felt uncomfortable with his gaze. Though she noticed his stubble that made him look damn manly and his fringes grazing his forehead, she couldn't deny that this man was definitely sexy. "Sir, please let her go." Aarti's reverie broke as she heard the husky voice of the elegant man that stood beside her. The traffic police looked at Yash, "Why should I let her go?" She broke the traffic signal." Yash smirked and dipped his hand inside his wallet. He handed some money to the traffic police, "I think she's free of offence now." Aarti rolled her eyes seeing this stranger bribing an officer for her. She couldn't really get his motives but right now, she didn't mind this help. The traffic police left Aarti as he took the money and Aarti quickly mounted back on her scooty. She settled herself, "Thank you so much for the help Mr. You came as my savior." Aarti strode away not letting Yash reply to her. Yash looked at her retreating figure but quickly went back to his car and started chasing Aarti. "She's so damn pretty. I'm not letting her go." Yash uttered as he saw her going towards St. Columbus School. She parked her scooty and ran inside the school.

Aarti hassled reached inside the school and there stood her little son with a frown on his face. She looked at her son in awe and went and hugged him. Ansh struggled to get out of her embrace and Aarti smiled seeing his antics. "Oh no, my baby is angry with me." Aarti pretended to make a sad face to which Ansh just faced the other side, "I'm not talking to you mumma. I've been waiting for you here since half an hour." Aarti made a big sorry face, "I'm so sorry baby. But really I tried to make it fast but I was stuck." Ansh still looked away, "Don't give me excuses mumma. See I'm sweating so badly because I have been standing in this hot sun since so long." Aarti just felt like pulling his cheeks because he looked so damn cute with that pout on his face. Aarti quickly made a sorry face again, "My poor baby, see mumma is holding her ears. She's really very sorry." Ansh turned to look at Aarti and held her hand pulling it down, "Don't start with your emotional blackmail again. Okay, I'm forgiving you this time but next time.." Aarti held Ansh's finger, "Mumma isn't going to let that next time come, promise." Ansh gave her big smile and hugged her. Aarti ruffled her hair lovingly and kissed him. "Okay, who wants to have an ice-cream?" Aarti smilingly looked at Ansh and Ansh gave her an ear to ear smile, "Ansh wants to have an ice-cream mumma." He flung his arms towards Aarti and Aarti held him ever so lovingly.

Yash looked at Aarti from far away lovingly pacifying that little kid. He wondered if she was married and the kid was her son. He felt a pang in his heart. But then the other moment he thought that she didn't carry any signs of marriage. He was confused. Was she unmarried or a divorcee or a widow? He frustratingly ran his hands along his hair. He needed to find out. He had to make her his and moreover, she needed him to raise her son.

Aarti settled Ansh on the scooty and drove away. Yash followed her again and saw her stopping by an ice-cream. He smiled looking at her smile. Aarti bought two ice-creams and both started eating theirs. Ansh playfully touched his ice-cream to Aarti's nose, "Mumma, look at your nosy, it's red." Ansh started laughing heartily and Aarti just looked at him mesmerized. Yes, it was true, Ansh was her life. She playfully hit Ansh and both of them finished their ice-cream laughing along. Finally, Aarti parked her scooty outside her office and Ansh de-boarded his Ferrari. Aarti held Ansh's shoulder, "Ansh, be disciplined and don't be naughty. Just change your clothes and sleep in my cabin." Ansh hit his head, "Mumma, I know it. You tell it to me every day." Aarti rolled her eyes, "Exactly, because you never listen to me. Leave it now. Here, take this bag and go inside and change. I'll be there in a minute." Ansh ran inside with the bag and Aarti placed her helmet on the handle and turned around to go inside when suddenly someone pulled her and she felt herself TRAPPED between a tree and a hard structure.
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TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Character Sketch


Yash Scindia ' The Director of Shah Corporations. A man of God gifted deadly looks and he sure knew how to flaunt them. Though he was a man of 26 years of age but his ability and sharp wits had got him heights. A bit of male chauvinist by accordance, he was as repulsive as a thorn.

Aarti Khurana ' A graceful lady whose beauty and elegance was as radiant as her smile. She's mature lady of 25 years of age who had the guts of adopting a kid and raising it as a single mother. Without her parents alive to be her support, her son was her sole strength and support. An independent lady by nature, she works at Chopra Constructions as an architect.

Ansh Khurana ' The cute 5 years old son of Aarti. A naughty little kid but loves his mom to the core. He's a little protective for his mother but always prays to God to send an angel for his mom and a father for him.

Gayatri Scindia ' Yash's mom and an elegant and social lady. She loves her son to the core. She was always dominated by her husband but never felt it wrong. She always taught Yash to follow and idealize his father.

Suraj Pratap Scindia - Yash's father and the man who Yash idealized. He's a respectable man in society but a dominative one at home. Not that he didn't love Gayatri but always dominated her and was a quite a male chauvinist. Yash had incorporated this chauvinism from him since for Yash, his father was perfect.

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