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TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 9 (Last Part)

PART 9(Last Part)
Yash got up fresh in the morning. Last night was one of his most peaceful sleeps. Realizing his feelings had definitely made him lighter. He got up lazily from his bed and went for shower. He stood under the shower with his eyes closed, letting the water cool his senses. There was something happening to him at the thought of proposing Aarti. His cheeks were turning a light shade of pink and he would start smiling idiotically. There was definitely something different about this whole feeling. It was indeed special.
His Mom's voice broke his reverie, "Yash, come out soon. Your breakfast is ready. You have your project meeting today. Hurry up!" Yash eyes opened hastily on the name of the meeting. In all his big dreams of love, he had totally forgotten that he had a meeting today. He quickly got done with his shower and got ready. He quickly had his breakfast and kissed his Mom's cheeks and headed towards his office.
He still had that smile plastered on his lips because Aarti wasn't leaving his thoughts. It was as if she had made her home over there. He chuckled to himself and entered his office. All eyes turned to him as usual but again everybody noticed a change in him. This time there was a glow on his face totally unlike yesterday. Everyone was shocked to see Yash Scindia smiling this widely. Yash said a cheerful hi to everyone and that shocked them more. Yash went towards Meera and asked her to head the designing team of Mehra's project. Meera kept gaping at Yash because it was the first time that he had entrusted a women with something. She was on top of the world. As soon as Aarti entered the office, Meera ran to her and hugged her. Aarti smilingly hugged her back, "Meera, what happened? You seem to be really happy." Meera broke the hug, "Yes Aarti, Yash sir had made me the head of the designing team in Mehra's project." Aarti smiled wide, "Congrats Meera." Aarti went to Yash's cabin to find him engrossed in work. Yash saw Aarti standing on the door, "Aarti, good you're here. Let's get done with the last minute stuff. Boss might be arriving here any moment."
Aarti smiled and both of them started working for the meeting. Finally, the meeting went really well and both Yash's and Aarti's inputs were appreciated. Yash and Aarti went back to Yash's cabin after the meeting and Aarti held Yash's collar, "So, Mr. Yash Scindia, I proved to you that team work is the best." Yash moved his steps towards Aarti and TRAPPED her between himself and the wall, "Miss Aarti Khurana, you proved me a lot of things long back. It's only me who took time to register it all." Aarti looked at Yash smiling. She had realized the change in Yash yesterday itself and Meera's happiness confirmed it. Aarti wrapped her arms around Yash's neck, "Thankfully, you did realize Mr. Scindia." Yash suddenly left Aarti and held her hand and twirled her around colliding her back with his chest, "Aarti, I know I've been a fool and I don't know if you like me or not. But I'm still here to tell you my feelings because Mom said that you do like me. Aarti, you have taught me the importance of women and you've taught me to respect them. Aarti, I loved you always but I was a fool that I kept telling myself that you needed me when the truth is I need you Aarti. You become Mrs. Aarti Scindia and though I can't give you an upper hand, mind you I can't become a saint suddenly, but then you sure are a part of me and not behind me in any way. Please marry me Aarti because I need you to wake me up every morning lovingly and I need to hear Ansh call me Dadda every morning. Please be mine, Aarti."
Aarti turned herself towards Yash to see his eyes brimming with love and only love for her. She hugged him tight, "Yash, I've loved you since I don't know when because you're a great person at heart but I knew I couldn't marry you till you learn to respect women and I have done it Yash. I love you Yash and I know you too love me now and not want me."
Yash and Aarti hugged each other tight smiling all the way. They parted after a long time and Yash whispered, "Let's go and get my baby." Yash and Aarti went to pick up Ansh and Ansh came running to them. Yash picked up Ansh in his arms, "Ansh, now your Dadda is going to be your super-duper Dadda." Ansh looked at his Dadda confused and Aarti chuckled hearing Yash's babyishness. Yash looked at Ansh laughingly, "C'mon Ansh, I'm going to marry your Mumma so that way I will become your super-duper Dadda." Ansh started jumping in Yash's arms and soon the heavy clouds came over to celebrate the happiness of their little family.
Rain started to pour rejoicing the events and Yash and Ansh played like a perfect father-son duo. Ansh was already a kid and Yash had become a kid with him. Aarti looked at both of them playing and realized that God had given Ansh the best father in the world. She went towards them and hugged them. Both Yash and Ansh got startled at Aarti's sudden action but they quickly winked looking at each other and hugged back Aarti tight.
Mr. Scindia was pacing in the drawing room worried about how to handle Yash again. He knew Yash had changed now but he wanted his son to be like him.
Yash entered the Scindia Mansion with Aarti and Ansh, both on either side of Yash holding his hands. Gayatri came out to see her husband but was greeted with a delightful scene. She could see Yash's family with him and she indeed was super excited for Yash. She went forward and dragged all three of them away, "You guys should go and change first otherwise you'll fall ill. Aarti, you have Ansh's clothes with you, right?" Aarti nodded her head in a yes and Gayatri took them all to change.
After sometime, they all came back in the hall and Yash finally looked towards his father, "Dad, I want to marry Aarti." Mr. Scindia looked unaffected towards Yash, "I knew that was coming. Fine, Aarti seems to be an elegant girl, you can marry her but this child.." Yash cut him in between, "That child's name is Ansh, Dad and he's MY son." Mr. Scindia calmly looked at Yash, "Fine. I have never forced you into anything but you have seen how I have been with your mother. You should be keeping Aarti like that because that's how the society goes. It's patriarch society." Yash looked hurt towards his Dad, "Not anymore, Dad. The women of today are totally competent with men. I'm not going to crush Aarti's existence, Dad. She's going to be my wife not my slave." Mr. Scindia calmly kept his point, "But Yash, you should keep her in your control." Yash looked confidently into the eyes of his father, "No Dad, I'm not going to control Aarti." Mr. Scindia saw the spark in Yash's eyes and he knew then that he couldn't rewind the mind of his son, "As you wish Yash. My best wishes are with you." Yash smiled at his father. He knew though his father was a chauvinist but he wasn't a bad man, maybe he has also learnt what he has seen all his life. He went forward and hugged his Dad, "Dad, I know you're not completely at fault with your attitude. You have incorporated in you what you have seen. But Dad, like Aarti has taught me, be with your love because that is most important." Mr. Scindia looked into Yash's eyes trying to register his words, "I'm going to marry Aarti, Dad and so I won't dominate her, I will love her. Yes, she'll be TRAPPED throughout her life but not in my chauvinism but in my devotion. From now, future Mrs. Aarti Scindia, in the love of Mr. Yash Scindia, is TRAPPED.
In my life, I searched myself,
I got me in your eyes,
This is how I found myself,
Like you saw me in your dreams.
I'll love you always,
That's my promise to you,
Will hold your hand,
And beside you, will always stand.
I will be the Yash I am,
Have just changed a trait,
You'll still see me as haughty,
But the love will also be evident.
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TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 8

Mr. Scindia came back home in the evening and saw Gayatri playing with a kid, "Gayatri, who's this kid?" Gayatri stood upright holding Ansh's hand, "He's Aarti's son. She works with Yash." Suraj moved forward towards Gayatri, "So if she works with Yash, is she going to leave her child here at our place." Ansh hid behind Gayatri scared of Suraj, "Daadi, why is this uncle so angry?" Suraj looked at Ansh and then looked back at Gayatri, "Why is he calling u Daadi?" Gayatri looked down timidly when Suraj shouted, "Tell me, dammit."
"Because I'm his Dadda", Yash spoke in a strict tone. Suraj looked at Yash, his eyes boring into Yash's, "What do you mean by that Yash? This girl, Aarti is your wife." Yash looked straight into his father's eyes, "No Dad. I may not have any relation with Aarti but I share a deep relationship with Ansh. He's my kid, Dad." Suraj shouted, "What rubbish!" Yash went to Ansh and picked him up in his arms, "Ansh, Grandpa is just a little angry on something. You go to your home right now with Mumma. Dadda will come to meet you in a while." Yash took Aarti and Ansh outside and made Ansh seated in his car, "Driver, Aarti ma'am will tell you the address. Take them to their home." Yash was about to turn back when Aarti held his hand, "Yash, but your Dad. I told you Ansh will cause trouble." Yash held Aarti's hand softly, "Ssshhh. Ansh is no trouble Aarti. He's my baby. Don't worry, I'll handle everything here. You take Ansh home and handle him."
Yash entered home hearing his Dad shouting on his Mom, "You knew about everything and kept supporting Yash? How dare you?" Gayatri looked meekly towards her husband, "Yash loves Aarti and Ansh is Aarti's kid. She adopted him. Most importantly, Yash loves Aarti." Suraj looked agitated at Gayatri, "What the hell!" He was about to raise his hand on Gayatri when Yash held his hand, "Dad, don't you raise your hand on Mom." Suraj looked at his son shocked, "Yash." Yash bored his eyes into his Dad's eyes, "Yes Dad. Learn to respect women, Dad. They are no ways behind us men. In fact, I have started feeling timid in front of their strength. Aarti has changed me, Dad. She has taught me to respect all women. Till some days back, I just used to respect Mom but now I respect all women and Dad, you should learn that too." Yash left his father's hand and held his Mom's hand and took her inside. Yash made his Mom sit on the bed and kept his head on her lap, "I love you Mom and now I know I love Aarti. I really do." Gayatri smilingly caressed Yash's head, "Yash, why don't you go and tell her then?" Yash raised his head and looked at his Mom's smiling face, "Really Mom? Should I go and tell her?" Gayatri cupped Yash's face and nodded her head. But next moment the smile on Yash's face vanished, "But Mom, she doesn't like me." Gayatri smiled to her innocent baby's statement, "She loves you too Yash. Just go and pour your feelings to her and you'll know everything." Yash eyes showed a different spark altogether, thinking about pouring his feelings out to Aarti. He lied down on his bed and kissed Gayatri goodnight and covered himself with the sheet.

Gayatri went back to her room scared of facing her husband. She entered her room to see Suraj pacing here and there angrily. Suraj saw Gayatri at the door, "So. You're back here. Yash has gone too far. It's impossible to get him back. But at least I can teach him to control Aarti otherwise that girl will control Yash." Gayatri looked at Suraj ashamed of his thoughts, "Both of them love each other and they will be walking on the path of life together and not controlling each other." Gayatri proudly looked at Suraj and went back to Yash's room.

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 7

Yash reached his office next day with his puffed red eyes. Everyone looked at him strangely. None of them had imagined Yash like this. Yash glared at everyone and instantly everyone casted their eyes down. Even those tired eyes had the power to shake everyone's soul with its single glare. Yash quickly made his way to his cabin.
As soon as he stepped into his cabin, he was greeted by an engrossed Aarti. Aarti was busy pondering over the architectural details of the project and didn't even notice that Yash had entered the cabin. Yash looked at Aarti dazed. Her big eyes rolled whenever she would see something unsatisfactory in the design. Her long fingers would automatically start sketching the correct design. Her long straight hair was tied in a rough loose bun and every now and then a strand of hair would come across her vision and she would irritatingly shoo it away.

Aarti was working on the designs when yet again a strand of hair disturbed her. She kept the file and pen at the desk and lifted her hand up to tie her hair when she saw Yash standing at the door, looking at her intently. Aarti saw his red puffed eyes and realized that he must not have slept all night worrying about all she had been saying to him. She felt a pang in her heart seeing him like that but she knew it was necessary for him and so she held back herself, "Yash, why are you standing there? Come and sit here. Let's discuss the project. We have the presentation tomorrow." Yash looked at Aarti a little hurt that she didn't even notice anything about him. He sat on his chair dejected and started looking into the project. They kept working on the project and Yash had made quite some changes in the designs. Yash was about to make another change when Aarti interrupted, "Yash, don't change this particular design. This is perfect for the building." Yash looked unhappy with Aarti's suggestion, "Aarti, I know this better. This change is going to be better. We might lose the project even with this minor detail." Aarti shook her head negatively, "Yash, for your kind information, even I've been working in this field for long. I think even I'm supposed to be working on this and if you take just one suggestion of mine, It's not going to do any harm. Anyways, half of the work is yours so let half of the work be mine." Yash sighed, "Aarti, you're too stubborn. Fine, I'm letting this be but mind you, we better not lose the project because of this particular thing. I really do not trust females much." Aarti looked at Yash enraged, "If you don't trust females, why did you take me in the first place. But since you have taken me, I'm going to prove to you that it isn't about dominating but about working together." Aarti angrily left the cabin.
Yash leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes while Aarti stood behind the cabin looking at Yash relaxing, "I will change you Yash. I know I love you. I don't know when I fell in love with you seeing the goodness in you. But you've still got me TRAPPED in your chauvinism Yash and I'm going to make sure to free myself from this trap." Aarti looked at the innocent Yash who was probably sleeping. Yash looked like an innocent baby oblivious to all negativity. This was the real Yash who was somewhere hidden under his inherited chauvinism and Aarti just wanted to get the real and innocent Yash out.

Aarti entered the cabin later and woke up Yash, "Yash, have a cup of coffee, you'll feel better. It seems like you haven't slept all night." Yash looked at Aarti shocked and he started stammering, "Aa..Aarti, There's nothing like that. I'm just a little tired." Aarti shook her head amusingly, "Anyways, I was just going to pick up Ansh, till then you handle the work." Yash suddenly felt like stopping Aarti. He didn't want her to go away. Then, an idea struck him and he was content with the idea, "Aarti, we have lots of work to complete. I'm going to look into other details and I won't get time to check the designs further. I'll send the driver to pick Ansh up and in fact, I'll ask the driver to take Ansh to my home. Mom will take care of Ansh and make him sleep also. That way even Ansh will have some rest." Aarti hesitated a little, "Yash, I don't think it's a good idea. Ansh will trouble your mom." Yash smiled, "Trust me Aarti, I have been the naughtiest kid ever. Mom won't have a problem handling Ansh. You check the designs. I'll make the arrangements." Aarti still looked a little uneasy but Yash was very adamant and so she had to agree.
Yash came out of his cabin grinning, "Mom will also get to know Ansh. After all, he's going to be my son." Yash quickly called up and made arrangements for Ansh.

Ansh reached the Scindia house and was looking here and there when Gayatri came to him. Ansh looked at Gayatri, "Why have I come here. Driver uncle told me that he had come to pick me on Dadda's behalf." Gayatri smiled at Ansh, "Yes Ansh, this is your Dadda's house. Your Mumma and Dadda are very busy in the office so you're going to stay with me till your Mumma comes." Ansh looked uneasily towards Gayatri, "May I please speak to Mumma?" Gayatri caressed Ansh's cheeks, "Sure baby." Ansh held the receiver and Gayatri dialed Yash's number. Yash picked up the phone, "Hello." Ansh's face lighted up, "Hello Dadda, you've sent me to your place?" Yash smiled hearing Ansh's cheerful voice, he didn't know when, but Ansh had become really dear to him, "Yep Ansh. You're at your Dadda's place and my Mom is going to take care of you. You don't have to worry about anything. Just tell my Mom whatever you want." Ansh squealed in joy, "Okay Dadda. Dadda, give the phone to Mumma." Yash gave the phone to Aarti, "Ansh, don't trouble Aunty okay." Ansh giggled, "Don't worry Mumma. I won't trouble Daadi and yes, she's my Dadda's Mom so she's my Daadi." Gayatri felt tears of joy hearing Ansh call her Daadi and she hugged Ansh, "Mumma, see Daadi is hugging me. I'll talk to you later Mumma. Come soon with Dadda. Till then I'll enjoy with Daadi." Ansh quickly kept the receiver down not letting Aarti say anything. She sighed and gave the phone back to Yash, "I hope Ansh behaves himself." Yash shook his head amusingly, "Why do you women get worried about everything. Ansh is a good boy. Don't worry." Aarti looked at Yash angrily, "We women have to worry so much because you men are so unpredictable." Yash laughed off and both started working on the project again.

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 6

Yash somehow stood on his feet still unable to believe what had been happening in his perfect life. He went inside and went to his room. Gayatri had seen Yash going in his room almost limping and in a distressed state. Gayatri immediately went to Yash finding him crying in his room, "Yash, baby, what's wrong?" Yash leaned onto his mom resting his head on his mom's shoulder, "I don't know mom. I have no idea about anything. Mom, I am feeling as if my life crumbling like a pack of cards." Gayatri patted Yash's head, lines of worry clear on her face, "Yash, don't worry. Everything will be fine Yash. You cannot breakdown like that. Your father never taught you this." Yash suddenly looked into Gayatri's eyes with his tears stricken face, "I don't know how much righteousness Dad has in him, mom." Gayatri looked at Yash shocked at his words. She had never heard Yash doubting his father's righteousness ever before. She cupped Yash's face, "Yash, why are you saying like that?" Yash held Gayatri's hand tightly, "Mom, Aarti seems right sometimes mom. But then again, how can Dad be wrong? It's all making me crazy Mom. Aarti is making me crazy." Gayatri ruffled Yash's hair. She knew she had to meet Aarti soon, "Yash, just close your eyes and sleep for some time. You'll feel better." With that Gayatri made Yash lie down, took his phone and left his room.

Gayatri dialed Aarti's phone, "Hello. Am I speaking to Aarti?" Aarti got confused. She had saved Yash's number but this wasn't Yash. She left the thought behind, "Yes, I am Aarti. May I know who I am talking to?" Gayatri inhaled some air for support, "Aarti, I am Yash's mom. I want to meet you. Please Aarti, don't deny meeting me. It's really important." The behavior of Yash's mom puzzled Aarti but she couldn't deny hearing the pleading tone of Gayatri. Gayatri smiled, "Aarti, meet in CCD in half an hour." Gayatri kept down the phone thinking of the talks she had to do with Aarti. She could never see her son distressed and there was surely something about this girl that was bothering him so much. She went back to Yash's room and caressed his head. The lines of worry on his forehead suddenly vanished and he smiled feeling the touch of his mom. Gayatri could feel a drop of tear in her eyes seeing the innocence on the face of her beloved son.

Aarti sat in CCD waiting for Yash's mom to arrive. Thousands of questions clouded her mind. She couldn't comprehend the reason for this meet but she kept telling herself that her answers will arrive soon. Looking here and there, Aarti saw an elegant lady coming towards her seat. She got up, "Yash's mother?" Gayatri smiled looking at Aarti. She indeed was beautiful and looked quite subtle and smart. Now she knew why her son was so disturbed by this girl. She nodded her head and both sat down. Gayatri raised her eyebrows looking at Aarti, "Would you like to have something?" Aarti was growing even more impatient with each passing second, "No, thank you ma'am. Can we please directly come to the purpose of the meeting?" Gayatri breathed some air again, "What is it between you and Yash?" Aarti looked at Gqyatri bewildered, "Between me and Yash? There's nothing between us." Gayatri brushed her hands with each other, "Then why does Yash keep talking about you? Why is he so troubled because of you?" Reality struck Aarti hard. Yash talked about her. He was troubled because of her. She looked at Gayatri calmly, "Look ma'am. I have no idea what's troubling Yash. In fact he has been troubling me. He came to my house. He signed a deal with the company I work in. He has been chasing me." Gayatri looked at Aarti shocked at such a revelation. She knew her son very well. He wasn't the one to go behind girls, "Aarti, but Yash isn't like this. He never goes behind girls like this. In fact, he stays away from girls." Aarti bore her eyes into Gayatri, "Exactly, because he's one male chauvinist pig." Gayatri clenched her fist, "Aarti, don't say that. Now I know why he's troubled. You have been questioning his authority." Aarti looked at Gayatri frustrated, "You're wrong ma'am. I haven't been questioning. I have been making him come face to face with the reality." Gayatri calmed her senses, "Look, Aarti, Yash is a very sensitive man. He has learnt to follow the footsteps of his father. Don't question his attitude like that. It's breaking him. You affect him greatly Aarti. Your words affect him greatly. Try and understand." Aarti couldn't believe what she just heard. She couldn't believe she was that hard with Yash. She did like him but the only thing that irked her was his chauvinism. It was like a wall between them and she knew the day that wall breaks, she would accept him whole heartedly. Aarti closed her eyes for a moment and then looked at Gayatri, "Ma'am, look, I understand that Yash has got this from his father but wrong is wrong. He needs to change it in him. Honestly, I think even you should stand up against your husband's domination. Ma'am, if I am affecting him then I'm glad that I'm able to change him for good. I'm sorry ma'am but I won't stop posing questions on his chauvinism."
With that Aarti got up and went away. Gayatri sat right there thinking upon Aarti's words. How could she go against her husband? Wasn't it against the rules? Gayatri went back home with her confused state of mind.

Yash got up after two hours and as soon as he got up, he saw his mom coming towards him smiling. Gayatri placed a peck on Yash's forehead, "Yash, come, it's time for the dinner."
Gayatri held her breath and gathered some courage to say something to Suraj, "I was thinking of changing the color of our room." Suraj looked at Gayatri with a frown, "Gayatri, the color of our room is perfect. It doesn't need any change." Gayatri tried to speak up again, "No, I really think we should change it." Suraj looked towards Gayatri agitated, "Gayatri! Since when did you start questioning me? When I said it is perfect, that means'" Yash banged his hands on the table, "Dad! For God sake, stop imposing your decisions on mom. What's the harm if she wants to change the color of the room? Why are you dominating her over such a petty issue?" Suraj looked at Yash with a baffled expression. He had never seen his son speak to him in such a tone before, "Yash, is this the way to talk to your father?" Yash looked angrily towards his father, "And what are you doing, dominating mom like that? You're satisfying your ego and giving an air to your chauvinism." With that Yash strode towards his room and closed the door.
Suraj got up from the table agitated at Yash's behavior. He warned Gayatri to teach a lesson to Yash.
Gayatri went to Yash and placed his head on her lap. She massaged his head, "Yash, you behaved really badly today. How could you talk to your father like that?" Yash hugged his mom tightly, "I don't know mom. I just couldn't see dad dominating you like that. I couldn't bear his chauvinism mom. Dad is wrong and so am I. Aarti is right mom, I am a male chauvinist." Gayatri ruffled Yash's hair, "Yash, you have time to think upon all that. First go and apologize to your Dad." Yash blinked his eyes and went to his Dad, "Dad, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have spoken to you in such a tone. I was just tensed about work and vent out my anger on you. I'm really sorry Dad." Suraj look towards Yash still not forgiving him completely, "Yash, mind you, this shouldn't happen again. Go now." Yash lowered his head and went out the room saying sorry for the last time.

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 5

Aarti and Yash were sitting in Yash's cabin and were working on the designs for two hours. Aarti was very unsure of Yash's motives in the beginning but now after sitting with for two hours and talking to him about nothing but work, she had realized that Yash was just a normal human being who had faults in him but was also good in different ways.
Yash had been working with Aarti for two hours and had come to realize that she was great at her work as well. Somewhere his belief that men were better than women in everything and women always needed men in their lives was shaking. He didn't know when but Aarti had showed him her absolute independent side. She had come across as a very self-confident and smart girl. Yash was starting to believe that he might be wrong in his initial thoughts.
Aarti suddenly started looking at the clock every now and then. Yash looked suspiciously at Aarti wondering what was bothering her so much. He leaned a little towards Aarti, "What's bothering you Aarti?" Aarti looked into Yash's eyes and she could read the genuine care in his eyes, "I had to pick Ansh from his school. Can I bring him here? I don't keep him away." Yash looked at this ferocious tigress who was currently the gentle and caring mother. He absolutely adored these various faces of Aarti, "Of course you can bring Ansh here. You didn't even have to ask me for that Aarti
." Aarti looked surprisingly at this man sitting in front of her. He was really a mystery for her. Sometimes, he was as sharp as a knife and sometimes he was as soft as a flower. She wondered if she could ever understand him. She whacked her head for letting such thoughts penetrate her mind, "Mr. Scindia.." Yash nodded his head negatively, "Call me Yash, Aarti." Aarti hesitated a little, "Yash, It will take me a while to get him because I don't have my scooty and I will have to take an auto. Ok?" Yash looked at Aarti with a serious face, "No ways Aarti." Aarti gulped her saliva at his sternness and Yash instantly smiled, "Let's go and pick Ansh in my car." Yash held her hand and dragged Aarti towards his car. Everyone in the office looked at Yash and Aarti disbelievingly. Aarti jerked Yash's hand, "Yash, you really don't have to bother. I can go and pick my son." Yash looked at Aarti sternly, "Aarti, but how will you go alone?" Aarti shook her head at Yash's chauvinism that was inflicted in him, "I have always been going alone Yash and so I can do the same today as well." Yash couldn't control his anger and pushed Aarti inside the car, "You don't have to boast of your feminism every time Aarti. I want to help and I will, you like it or not." Yash sped the car towards Ansh's school. Both of them reached school to see Ansh sitting scared on a tree outside school. Aarti gasped seeing Ansh up there, "Ansh, what are you doing up there?" Ansh sniffled, "I'm sorry mumma. I climbed on the tree to pluck some guavas but I'm stuck here now. I can't get down." Ansh suddenly noticed Yash standing there with Aarti and grinned, "Dadda is here mumma. I'll jump down and he'll catch me." Yash's face lit with the amount of faith this child had in him, "Yes Ansh, Dadda will catch you. Jump down." Ansh was about to jump when Aarti stopped him, "Ansh don't jump like that. Keep your feet one level down and then jump. Mumma will hold you." Yash looked at Aarti unbelievingly, "Aarti, you're a girl. You won't be able to catch him. Let me do it." Aarti showed her hand to Yash, "You don't have to boast of your chauvinism every time Yash." Yash's face fell. This time he really wasn't trying to prove anything. He just wanted to live up to Ansh's faith. Aarti looked at Yash's sad face but chose to ignore. She wanted to give a blow to Yash's high thoughts of men. Aarti asked Ansh to jump down and held him safely. She kissed him all over his face and Ansh chuckled, "Mumma, you always get scared." Aarti slapped him lightly, "Of course mumma does get scared because you're her life baby."

Yash, Aarti and Ansh reached Shah Corporations and Ansh curiously looked around, "Mumma, whose office is this?" Before Aarti could answer Ansh, Yash picked up Ansh in his arms, "This is somewhat your Dadda's office Ansh. I'm the Director of this company." Ansh's face lighted up at this wonderful news and he kissed Yash. Aarti didn't like this closeness between Ansh and Yash. She was very insecure because of what Yash had said last night. She knew he was using her baby for his benefit. Aarti took Ansh from Yash's arms, "Ansh, go and freshen up. We'll have lunch after that." Ansh smiled and ran to the washroom. Yash took Aarti to his cabin, "What was the need for you to show your heroism at Ansh's school. You had put his life in danger." Aarti jerked Yash away, "He's MY son. I know what's best for him. I knew I could hold him. YOU stay away from him. Don't even dare to use my baby's innocence for your benefits." Suddenly Yash remembered his last night's words and realized the reason for Aarti's anger. He knew that he genuinely wanted to cocoon Ansh safely but then reminded of his words last night, he began to question his attitude. Was he really a male chauvinist? Aarti looked at Yash, her eyes spitting fire, "Mr. Yash Scindia, I was handling myself and Ansh before you entered our lives and will continue to do so easily. I simply don't need you to support me. My Ansh is my support and he's enough for me." Yash kept looking at Aarti, not being able to say anything and Aarti left the office with Ansh angrily. This girl questioned his entire being every time she met him. Yash was getting all confused. Nobody has ever told him that he's wrong. Nobody has taught him that women can live without men. Nobody has ever told him that independent women exist. His entire belief was shaking. His head started spinning with the amount of burden that was suddenly put on him. He went to Arjun and took a leave and went home. He quickly changed into his tracks and t-shirt and went for a jog. The trees around seemed to be in full spree today. It was extremely windy towards. The trees were swinging and dancing as if rejoicing some moment. Yash was running hard. He wasn't looking anywhere, just kept running and lost in his own thoughts. Was he really a male chauvinist? Was he really forcing himself on Aarti? Didn't Aarti need him? All these questions were harassing his soft being. Though he was haughty at times and though he had his own attitude, he was really soft at heart. His little heart was affected. He was deeply affected by Aarti's questionable gaze. He was lost in his thoughts when he tripped over a stone. He tried to get up but his leg was hurt and the stone was over his leg. Suddenly he realized that a girl was offering him her hand to help him get up. He looked up at the girl and thought, "No, I don't the help of a girl. I can get up myself." He tried to get up on his own but failed. The girl held his hand and pulled him up, "Let me take you home. You won't be able to walk like this." Yash jerked her hand and fell down again, "No, I don't need your help. I can go back home on my own." The girl laughed at Yash, "Yeah right. You just fell down as soon as you left my hand and you boast that you can go back on your own. Stop being a male chauvinist." The girl held Yash's hand again and this time Yash didn't protest. He was too lost in her words. She was another girl who had called him a male chauvinist. The girl dropped Yash home, "Take care of your leg." Yash saw the girl's retreating figure and fell down again. This time not because of the wound and pain in his leg but by the realization that had just dawned upon him, A Girl Had Helped Him Stand at His Feet.

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 4

Yash entered Shah Corporations in attitude and elegance. His broad chest was lifted up in attitude. He wore a full-sleeve blue shirt but had folded the sleeves up to her elbow showing off his well-toned arm muscles. Every one's attention was fixed on this smart man who had an attitude of his own but he never looked down upon anyone. He did respect everyone but his attitude was his. He always preferred the guys helping him with projects because he didn't trust girls enough.
Everyone got up and greeted him and he greeted them back quickly entering the CEO's cabin, "Hey Arjun." Arjun raised his head to see his buddy Yash, "Hey Yash." Yash smiled, "Okay, business talk dude. I think we should fix the deal with Chopra Constructions. We are in talks with them right?" Arjun looked at Yash with raised eyebrows, "Take a breath Yash. Yes, we are in talks with them but how did you decide to fix the deal with them all of a sudden?" Yash nodded his head in denial, "It's not sudden Arjun. I've been studying them from quite some time and last night I studied them carefully and realized that they'll be the best for the deal." Yash mentally patted himself for coming up with such a good defense. Well, he didn't lie to Arjun. He did STUDY them well. He smirked to himself and Arjun looked with suspicion at him. Arjun knew Yash very well and he knew that there's definitely some motive of Yash behind this sudden decision. But he decided to go with Yash's decision because he knew even if Yash had taken the decision for some other motive; he won't let the company suffer, "Okay Yash. If you think that Chopra Constructions will be the best for this deal, then be it. I'll let them know and get a meeting fixed soon." Yash smiled wide at Arjun but quickly composed himself, "Arjun, get the meeting fixed today itself. We need to start with it quickly. Ask them to come with their architect because then I can start working on the designs with her." Arjun smiled to himself at Yash's state, "Her? How do you know their architect is a female Yash?" Yash realized he had let out a bit of the information that he shouldn't have and he knew his friend would catch him but he decided to cover his initial mistake, "We have been in talks with him Arjun. Of course, I have found out everything about them." Arjun was laughing hard inside but composed himself outside. He knew he couldn't let Yash know that he had understand quite a lot of his so-called secret but then he was enjoying the game and decided to play further, "But Yash, are you comfortable working with a female on the designs? You usually prefer males." Yash looked startled at Arjun's intriguing question and started to fumble, "Oh no. I.. I'm good with her. I have heard she designs brilliantly." Arjun nods his head silently and Yash goes back to his cabin, "Phew! Thank goodness. I wonder what had happened to Arjun today, he was questioning a bit too much. Anyways, I have to start preparing for the meeting. I can't let the company down for my motives."

The CEO of Chopra Constructions arrived with Aarti behind him. Aarti went ahead to the reception, "Excuse me! We have come from Chopra Constructions. We are here for the meeting." The receptionist smiled pleasantly looking at Aarti, "Yes ma'am, let me take you to the conference hall, sir will come there in just a minute." Aarti seated herself in the conference discussing last minute issues with the CEO. She looked around at this huge conference hall. It was designed very beautifully yet so professionally. Being an architect, she was used to discovering minute details in every design. Aarti was looking at the walls when Yash and Arjun entered the conference hall and seated themselves, "Mr. Chopra, shall we start with the meeting please?" Yash looked intently towards Aarti when Aarti turned her face towards the voice, the smile on her face changed into a frown instantly. Yash smirked looking at her changing expression and knew that now she couldn't do the presentation without him encouraging her. Yash heaved up his chest and looked at Aarti, "Miss Aarti, I hope you have got the designs and you're ready to do the presentation." Aarti angrily looked at Yash and got up from her seat and Yash smirked in victory, "Miss Aarti, its okay. You don't have to get nervous. Just go ahead with the presentation." Aarti smirked at Yash's presumption, "Mr. Scindia, I'm not at all nervous. I believe I will have to get up to give the presentation." Yash looked at Aarti disbelievingly. This girl surely had something different in her. He had never seen his mom answering back to his dad. His dad was always right and so he has to be but how come this girl always makes him question his own personality. He shrugged off his silly feelings and got back to concentrate on Aarti, "Oh, of course Miss Aarti. I hope you don't falter. I really dislike falters." Aarti looked into Yash's eyes directly, "Definitely not Mr. Scindia. I'm no different than you. I dislike falters as much as you." Yash straightened himself and asked Aarti to start the presentation. Aarti gave the whole presentation excellently and Yash looked at her in awe. For once, he liked the work of a female. It was the best than he had ever seen. For a moment, he questioned himself if he has ever given such a wonderful presentation. He quickly smacked himself reminding himself of the fact that he was the best. Aarti looked at Arjun who seemed to be a decent guy to her, "Mr. Arjun, so how do you think were the designs?" Arjun smiled at Aarti. He surely liked this girl, "I loved it Aarti. I hope you don't mind if I call you by your name." Aarti smiled genuinely at Arjun, "Of course not Mr. Arjun." Arjun smiled, "Please call me Arjun." Aarti sat back on her seat waiting for Yash to say something. Yash was still looking at Aarti trying to comprehend situations when he was better than her. He instantly remembered the Traffic Police incident and smiled to himself. Arjun elbowed Yash, "Miss Aarti, I very much like you designs. I would just like to make minor changes in them so if you can please stay here." Aarti looked disbelievingly at Yash. This man was truly unbelievable. He was using business was his motives. Mr. Chopra extended his hands towards Yash, "Of course not Mr. Scindia. Aarti has absolutely no problem staying here." Aarti looked at her boss and again she felt that she had fallen in Yash's TRAP.

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 3

Aarti was patting Ansh to sleep when she heard some hassle in the garden. She tucked the blanket around Ansh and went to the garden. She looked here and there but there was no one. She turned back to go inside when a tough pair of hands pulled her and she collided with a hard chest. Aarti could easily recognize the scent. Her eyes grew big with the realization and she looked to see that wicked handsome face.
Yash was lying down with his eyes closed when he saw two pair of beautiful eyes. They were big and expressive. He could see his reflection in those eyes. He snapped open his eyes, took the keys of his car and drove away.
Yash looked at Aarti smirking. His eyes shone seeing her recognizing him even without seeing him. He loosened his hold on her and inched his face close to her ear, "So, you can recognize my scent." Aarti pushed him back with all her might, "Oh please, in your dreams, right?" Yash pulled her back to himself, "That's right baby, you have started ruling my dreams as well." Aarti rolled her eyes at this shameless man, "Why do you always have to pull me and talk? Can't you stand decently at some distance and talk?" Yash laughed out at Aarti's silly question and Aarti turned red at her insult, "I love to hold you baby. I love to keep you near me." Aarti looked with disgust at him, "What kind of a roadside romeo are you? You're such a shameless creature." Yash turned her around colliding her back to his chest and held her hand tightly, "Thy Name is Yash Scindia, Miss Aarti Khurana." Aarti stood stunned. He knew her name. O Gosh! She knew she was trapped under the craziness of this retard that held her.
"Mumma, where are you? I'm scared."Yash let go of Aarti's hand as soon as he heard Ansh. Ansh came running to the garden and saw his mom and some other man standing with her. He bore his eyes into Yash's eyes dangerously as if asking him to back away. Yash felt intimidated by Ansh's possessiveness. He smiled at this kid's authoritativeness. He knew then and there that Ansh was meant to be his son. Yash went forward to Ansh and bent on his knees, "Hi, I'm Yash. You can call me Yash uncle for now. And please don't look at me like that; I'm no enemy of your mom." Ansh smiled a little but made a straight face again, "If you aren't Mumma's enemy, then what you are doing in the garden of our home at this hour of night?" Yash raised his eyebrows at Ansh's question, "I had come to meet you and your mumma. But your mumma told me that you've slept. I was going to go back home disheartened." Yash placed his hand at his heart trying to show it to be broken. Ansh held his hand and smiled, "Actually, mumma patted me to sleep but I didn't feel mumma beside me that's why I woke up. It's ok. You've come to meet me right? Mumma says that we should welcome the guests nicely." Yash smiled at his victory. He knew he had won Ansh's friendship, Aarti wasn't far away either.
Ansh took Yash to the drawing room. Aarti tagged behind them wondering what was going on in Yash's mind. How come he had turned into a decent and friendly man so suddenly? Aarti chose to keep mum for Ansh's sake right now. Ansh seemed to be really happy for some reason that she couldn't comprehend. She went in and sat beside Ansh holding him close to herself.
Ansh looked at his mum and then at his Yash uncle, "Yash uncle, do you work with mumma? I've never seen you in her office." Yash rolled his eyes. This kid was questioning him as if he was Aarti's father, "No baby. I don't work with your mumma but I'm soon going to work with her." Yash smirked to himself and Aarti looked at him shocked. How he was telling such a huge lie to her Ansh. She didn't even know this man except his name YASH SCINDIA that he announces with immense pride and here, he was boasting that he was going to work with him. Ansh grinned hearing that. He was sure that his God had heard his prayers and send an Angel for him and him mom.
Suddenly Yash's phone started to ring loudly and he saw that it was his mom, "Yes mom. I'm coming." Ansh smiled wide,"You have to answer to your mom as well? But you are so big, then why do you answer to her?" Yash smiled at his innocent question and Aarti's eyes popped out seeing him smile. He looked even more breathtaking but the bigger surprise was that he smiled. Aarti had thought he only knew how to smirk. Aarti's thought came to a halt hearing Yash, "You always have to answer your mom Ansh. Your mom loves you more than anything and so you should always keep her happy."Ansh jumped up and hugged Aarti and Aarti looked surprised at Yash. She had never imagined that this man was sensitive to any relation as well. She wondered how many shades were yet to be unleashed by this man.
Yash got up and hugged Ansh, "Ansh, go back to bed. You have school tomorrow." Ansh kissed Yash's cheeks and then kissed Aarti's cheeks, "Good night Mumma and good night DADDA." Ansh ran away but Aarti breath got hitched in her throat. What just happened? Ansh called this man DADDA. No, she doesn't like him and he can't be Ansh's dadda. No ways!
Yash came forward smirking and breathed into Aarti's ears, "I have won Ansh, now it's your turn." Yash turned around and left and Aarti stood there disgusted. She knew this man could never be good. He was wicked. He was good to Ansh only to win her. Ansh was impressed by him and expected things from him. How could she let Ansh get sad now? It had all mixed up. She was TRAPPED.
Aarti stood by the window looking up at the sky. Her eyes gave up the feeling of restlessness that she was surrounded by. Her beautiful face was covered with anger and irritation. She looked at Ansh sleeping peacefully right in the middle of the bed and she wished she could turn back into a kid, CAREFREE LIKE A BIRD. She sighed and looked at the sky again. The clouds had started to surround the moon. She could see the moon fighting to come out of the TRAP of the clouds but the clouds were slowly covering it and finally the clouds TRAPPED the moon. She smiled sarcastically, her life was the same; TRAPPED..!!

TRAPPED..!! Yash-Aarti Short Story Part 2


Yash had been observing Aarti from long. He had been noticing her smiles and her laughs. They seemed to be deep from heart and what reached her eyes. She didn't look like she missed her husband or something. He grew even more interested in knowing her relationship status. As soon as Ansh left Yash pulled Aarti and TRAPPED her between him and a tree.

Aarti felt a rock hard chest colliding with her chest and her breath started withering. She looked up to see the handsome face of the same man who had helped her. It was now that she noticed his expressive eyes. They were so big and deep. She saw his perfectly M-shaped lips which were curled up in a deadly smile. Suddenly, she came back to her senses and pushed him with all her might. Yash felt himself being jerked back and anger coursed through his veins. He roughly held Aarti's hands, "How dare you push me?" Aarti looked back into his eyes challenging his anger, "How dare you PULL me?" Both their chest heaved up and down trying to pull some oxygen to support their system. Both of them shot daggers to each other through their eyes. Suddenly Yash broke off his anger and realized what he was here for. Suddenly Aarti saw his anger subsiding. "Are you married?" Aarti looked shocked at the audacity of this guy. Here, this God damn stranger had trapped her and now he was asking her about her relationship status. This was enough, "What the hell has it got to do with you? Just buzz off." Yash looked angrily at Aarti, "It concerns me because you are to be mine." This man was irritating Aarti, "What? I am to be yours? Who are you?" Yash smirked, "Yash Scindia. Consider yourself lucky that I have chosen you." Aarti stomped her feet on Yash's. "Ouch! What was that?" Aarti controlled her breath, "You deserved it. What do you think of yourself? You help me once and I'm yours? You' You retard." Yash held Aarti's arms tightly, "What did you just call me, a retard?" Aarti looked directly into Yash's eyes, "Yes, you heard it right." Yash pressed Aarti arms even more tightly and Aarti flinched with pain, "Don't blow me off. You need me, do you get it. You have a son and no man to support you. You damn need me, got it!" Yash's eyes had the fire in them but Aarti's eyes reflected a flame, "What the hell! Have you been stalking me? Listen Mr. whoever, I don't need you. I have been raising Ansh alone and I can do that with efficiency. I don't need a man like you. Go and rot you male chauvinist pig." "Aarti, Ansh is looking for you inside." Someone called out to Aarti, "Coming." She broke her hands free and left from there. Yash stood there with blank eyes. Aarti's words were ringing in his head. MALE CHAUVINIST, was he really that? Was he bad? But he was like his father and how can his father be wrong? His head started spinning and his whole existence came under speculation.

He rushed back home and shouted for his mother. Gayatri came rushing hearing her son's voice, "What's wrong Yash? Why are you shouting?" Yash ran and hugged his mother, "Mom, Am I a bad person? Am I a male chauvinist?" Gayatri held Yash stunned. She didn't know if she wanted to answer that question, "No Yash, you're not at all bad." A few tears dropped out of Yash's eyes, "Then why did she say it mom. She said I'm a male chauvinist and she doesn't need me." Gayatri held Yash and took him to his room. Yash lied with his head in Gayatri's lap and Gayatri was gently ruffling his hair. "Mom, you always tell me that I'm exactly like Dad. How can I be a male chauvinist mom? How can I be bad? Dad is perfect, isn't he? Then how can I be imperfect?" Yash's questions were making Gayatri restless. She was forced on considering Suraj's dominance. Yash had tears continuously flowing out his eyes. He was amidst a huge confusion and he needed assurance that he wasn't bad. Gayatri held her emotions and rubbed Yash's forehead, "Don't think about it Yash. Just close your eyes and rest for some time." Yash looked into his mom's eyes, "But mom, answer my questions please." Gayatri looked tensed at Yash, "You're like your Dad Yash. Now rest." Yash closed his eyes at his mom's assurance. If he was like dad, he couldn't be wrong.


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aaahhh... GC was absolutely out of the world today...
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makes me swoon over his looks... his body language... his acting....
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